ART VÉRITÉ LLC is a multimedia production company that develops and produces educational content to protect the integrity of art history and artist identity, and safeguard against the issues of art crime.   Art Vérité weaves narrative through a collaborative effort of fostered exchange and dialogue among recognized authorities in the arts, including museum professionals, scholars, art dealers, conservators, forensic scientists, attorneys, and law enforcement agencies.

Created for a variety of partners and distribution platforms, Art Vérité disseminates trusted expertise to empower art world professionals, financial advisors and investors, insurance organizations, institutional collectors, and legal authorities with the knowledge to subdue the widespread issues of deception in the art world.  

Art Vérité, and Founder and Managing Partner, Jane CH Jacob, has produced educational content on Art Crime topics for partners including New York University, London and New York City, University of Chicago, Smart Museum of Art,  Arts Club Chicago, College Art Association (CAA), and New York County Bar Association, among others.  Fall 2018, Art Vérité partnered with EXPO CHICAGO and Northern Trust to produce the first iteration of the Professionals Forum in the United States within the context of an art fair.  The conference focuses on professional and preventative specialist knowledge as it relates to managing, selling, acquiring, and protecting Contemporary and Modern art, and provides strategies to subside the growing issues of art crime.



Art Vérité is motivated by a passion to preserve the integrity of art history and safeguarding genuine artists’ expression not only in our current culture but for generations to come. We are committed to presenting the most authoritative and credible expertise available as a counterforce against deception in the art world and the problem of spurious and mistaken or disputed identity.


  • Coming Soon - Documentary Film Series on Artist Identity
  • Lectures and Symposia
  • Consultation and Legal Support
  • Curriculum Development
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